Pricing Your Home To Sell

One of the most important steps in the process of selling your home is establishing the right listing prisellers3ce. Pricing your home takes experience. As the economy cycles and interest rates rise and fall, the value of your home may increase or decline. No matter what phase the market is in, it is always important to price your home competitively.

Advertising your property on the market at the right price is essential for selling your home quickly and successfully. Homes that are priced competitively and fairly appeal to qualified buyers who have the means to make a legitimate offer. A property listed at a reasonable asking price will create a more enthusiastic response by word of mouth as well. A fair list price will also encourage offers that are closer to the asking price and will help you avoid reducing the price because your home has been sitting on the market for months. A bidding war may even develop if properties are scarce and your price is right.

sellers4Any agent can give you a high price, but not every agent can give you the right price. We prepare a comprehensive market evaluation to determine the best listing price for your home. We review recent sales of comparable homes in your area and evaluate the size, location and condition of your home compared to the competition. Sold houses are the factual data and best means of comparison, not over-priced homes that are listed on the market and have not sold.

We use the current market conditions, comparable sales, and years of experience in the marketplace to help our clients establish a realistic price. Even in a strong market, an inflated price may frighten prospective buyers away. A house that is over-priced can take additional weeks, months or sometimes years to sell, and the final sales price may be considerably lower than if the sellers had started with a more accurate listing price.

Combining an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market with a current evaluation of economic conditions, we will help you determine the best price to help you sell your home, not just list it. Contact us today for a thoughtful market evaluation of your home.