Getting Top Dollar For Your Home

sellers1One of the secrets of a successful home sale is to envision your house through the eyes of a prospective buyer. You need to help the buyer feel a personal connection with your home. The best way is to make it easy for the buyer to picture themselves living in the home. Buyers start to imagine where their own belongings and furniture could be placed as they tour the home. If they can’t see beyond clutter or poorly organized furniture, their task becomes difficult.

The number one rule for showing a house is to make it as clean and uncluttered as possible. Organize furnishings and straighten closets. Have a garage sale for unused clothing, old storage items, and garage excess. Buyers are attracted to homes they describe as light and spacious. If you create a neutral background – white, cream, or beige – buyers can more easily visualize the space with their own belongings, often motivating them to make an offer.

You want to ensure that prospective buyers respond positively to your home as soon as they step in the door. It pays to give special attention to maximizing the amount of light in your home. Begin your home preparation by cleaning the windows, curtains and light fixtures thoroughly. Open the drapes and blinds to let the sunshine in. Even on a bright day it helps to turn on most of the lights in the home, especially floor and table lamps in dark corners. If you are using shades or heavy drapes to eliminate a less-than-perfect view or darken a room for restful sleep, you may want to consider replacing them with translucent curtains in a light color.

sellers2The bottom line is that the better your home looks while it’s listed, the more likely it is to sell quickly and for top dollar. Before a home debuts on the market, we take great care to prepare our listings through staging consultations, professional level photography, custom floor plans, and more. We personally evaluate each listing and makes recommendations to enhance the home’s marketability from our extensive real estate experience working with buyers, sellers and builders.

The proposed improvements are based on what homebuyers really want and can make a big difference in the ultimate sales price and time on the market. We can help you get top dollar for your home. Contact us today to get started and put our skills and experience to work for you.